uh oh! is that a lump I feel?

It was around the third week of August when I discovered the ‘lump’

I’d moved suddenly as I was waking up and a sharp pain shot under my arm into my right boob. OUCH!

 I hadn’t done a self exam in quite sometime, (if at all in the past few years) but figured I should probably do one now.

I could feel a hard ‘mass’ on the outer right side. I was so sure it hadn’t been there before. Hubs was already up and in the bathroom, but as soon as he came out I asked him to take a look/feel. He was really concerned, and told me to ‘get it checked out’.

We were having family coming to stay the following week, so I promised I would make an appointment as soon as they left. The last thing I wanted was a ‘cancer scare’ hanging over us and spoiling the fun.

The week went wonderfully, we had fun, I didn’t think of the lump even once. Then they left and I totally forgot to make the appointment.

Around the middle of September, I got the pain again and this time I didn’t wait. I called  my PCP right away and they had me booked in for a diagnostic mammogram the following week.

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