Making appointments

One thing I discovered after learning I have breast cancer is,

it doesn’t matter how big or small the tumors are, whether it’s contained or invasive, if it’s low grade or high grade, or what the cells looks like under a microscope…you want it gone, and you want it gone NOW!

So first thing Monday morning, and I really do mean first thing, I called the surgical oncology department to make that appointment.

Well wouldn’t you know, the surgical oncologists are out for the week at some ‘Americangatheringofsurgeonssomethingorother’


But, the patient facilitator promised to try and fit me in for Friday (11th) and if she could she would call me back.

So I waited……and waited….

finally, she calls, can’t get me in after all, the surgeon wants me to have an MRI first.

MRI scheduled for Friday 18th. 11 more days to wait for that.

Did I mention, I’m not a patient patient.

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