Sky blue pink, with yellow dots.

I’ve suddenly developed a weird aversion to all things pink!

Not that it was very much my color before, but now, being diagnosed with breast cancer, during breast cancer awareness month, is like this huge cosmic joke, and I’m not sure I like it’s sense of humor.

Although if I’m totally honest, and I’d had the option to choose which month to get it, I’d’ve probably picked October also, because I too have a sarcastic sense of humor.

But because I didn’t get to choose, it’s not quite as funny.

What I do know is, I’ll never look at a pink ribbon the same again, and right now, they are everywhere!

My girls are considering getting small pink ribbon tattoo’s to show their support. I said no way.

But if they really felt the need to get ribbon tattoo’s, make sure they’re sky blue pink with yellow dots. Why? Heck if I know, it was the first thing that popped in my head, I guess any color would work, just not pink.

So apparently, sky blue pink with yellow dots it will be.

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