Pink PJ’s

Apparently, my aversion to ‘all things Pink’ lasted a whole two days.

Not that I’m loving all the pink ribbon stuff, nope, I’m still avoiding that like the plague.

But I did cave and buy a pink stripe nightshirt and shorts.

I couldn’t help myself, Victorias Secret had them marked down, and I was right there, so what was I to do?

Besides, it actually took my mind off why I was in the store in the first place. That being, I was returning the gorgeous bra and panties set the hubs had bought me as an anniversary gift that I hadn’t gotten around to wearing. And now, no matter what treatment I have, lumpectomy or mastectomy, the chances of ever being the size I am now, is slim to none. So it was either return them (tags still on) or waste $80.

Well that was a no brainer…off to the mall we went.


I managed to snag these for only $40….That’s only 50 cents more than the shirt alone retailed for……Bargain!!! 

I figured button front PJ’s were the best way to go while in the hospital, so I ordered a second set online.

I may just decide to go for a pink explosion, pink everything…kinda like a ‘yeah I’m aware of BC thankyaverymuch’! But not a single pink ribbon.

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