Waiting for the report.

As you are probably aware, if you have read any of my previous posts, patience is not a virtue I possess. And so, having to wait for the MRI report was frustrating, to say the least.

The young girl who conducted the scan told me the images would be in the hospital system, available to the surgeon immediately, but the report would take a couple of days, tops.

I had the MRI on a Friday, so I figured by Monday the report would be done.

My appointment with the surgical oncologist was set up for the following Wednesday. I knew he would go through everything with me then, but to be honest, I didn’t want any surprises. I wanted to know what, if anything, was in that report before I met with him. I wanted to be prepared.

So Monday afternoon I called the nurse navigator.

Apparently, when you have breast cancer, she is like the center of your medical support team. The one who walks you through the whole process, step by step and gets you the care/advise/answers that you need.

She said the report was in fact complete, but it just had to be signed off by the doctor before she could read it to me. So she would get right on it and call me back.

By late Tuesday morning, I hadn’t heard from her, so I called, still no sign off. Again, she was going to call me right back.

When I still hadn’t heard anything by Tuesday afternoon, I called her again. I explained that although I was seeing the doctor the next day, I really didn’t want to wait for that report. She told me she totally understood and would make a couple of calls and definitely get back to me before she left for the evening.

Well, that never happened.

By this point, I’d gone past being frustrated to down right pissed! If this was any indication of the ‘care’ I was going to be getting from the medical ‘support’ team, boy was I doomed.

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