Happy Holidays!…not so much!

I think the whole cancer thing really hit me the week of Christmas.

For the most part, our celebrations, were postponed.
I wasn’t allowed to come in contact with anyone with colds or infections.

That meant not being around our grandsons 😦
We had to miss the annual family Christmas dinner get together at my mother in laws.

All that gave me more time to think…..think about what was going on.
In the past weeks I had kept myself busy, crafting a few things for photo shoots I’d got planned.
Did I ever mention, I love taking photos? No? Well I do.

I’m not a photographer by any means, well, not a professional photographer, more of an overly enthusiastic amateur.

I love my camera/s, and have family and friends who indulge my hobby obsession by allowing me to photograph their weddings, engagements, families, children etc.

But unfortunately, people got sick, and photo sessions had to be cancelled.

But I did manage to shoot a cute little girls 1st Christmas, and her mommy’s college graduation photos.

1st Christmas

The prep, shoot and editing did take my mind off things for a while. I was grateful for that 🙂

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