New Years Eve – Surgery Day!

I expected to be all shades of nervous when I woke up this morning.
To be truthful, I hadn’t even expected to sleep a wink the night before.
But surprisingly I slept well, and I woke up with a pretty cheerful attitude.

Because surgery wasn’t scheduled till 11.45am, I was allowed to drink as much clear fluid (e.g.; ginger ale) until 8.15am.
So I rushed out of bed, ran downstairs, grabbed a can of ginger ale out the fridge and drank the whole thing in one go.
Took a long hot shower (knowing it was going to be the last one I could have for a while) and cleaned every inch of myself with the anti bacterial soap the hospital had provided.
Ahhh, my skin had the aroma stench  of ….nail polish remover???…GROSS!

We arrived at the hospital a little earlier than suggested.
Sailed through pre admission, pre op and pre everything.
These guys were definitely on the ball this morning.
I even updated my Facebook status to reflect this.
But I should have known better than to speak quite so soon.

Everything came to a halt at around 10am.
One surgeon got held up, then coordinating the OR for both docs wasn’t working out too well.
But finally (I’m going on the word of hubs, because someone had obviously sneaked a few sedatives into my IV by now) at 2.45pm I was wheeled into the OR.

7.25 hours later…..(I cannot imagine the stress my hubs and family were feeling at this point)….I was taken up to my room where hubs was anxiously waiting to see me.
I was still pretty out of it by then so honestly  I can’t say how I felt at that point.
But I do remember waking up a few hours later, alone and in agony, and wondering why no one had been in to see to me.
It seems nowadays, your vitals are only taken every four hours, instead of every hour, and unless you call for a nurse to give pain meds, you don’t get any.
Oh, and if you happen to be under the effects of sedation and don’t remember the nurse telling you where the call button is…well you are crap outta luck on that one.

It took me about 10 minutes to locate the afore mentioned call button, only to be told I was not due for medication for another 40 minutes.
Apparently, I had, upon my request and against doctors orders, been given acetaminophen when I arrived on the ward.
Acetominophen?? Seriously? You took the word of a half doped patient over a doctors?…Ignore me!! He’s the expert, give me the good stuff!!!
But unfortunately, there was no amount of  reasoning begging that was changing it…and believe me I tried!

So I decided to take a walk, to try and ease the pain a little.
I don’t have any idea if that strategy worked, because as soon as I was back in bed, I was gone again.
When reviewing my cell phone pics later that day, I had apparently decided to take photos as I took my stroll down the corridor. I even posed for a selfie by their Christmas tree. And nope, that’s not making it to the www, at least, not in this lifetime!

Once I was back on meds, I chose to take the percocet that had been prescribed.
Who cares if I don’t make sense or sleep through my whole hospital stay. As long as I’m not in pain…I’m happy…very happy!!

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