Post Mastectomy Day 5

I’ve had my ups and downs the past five days.

Mostly ups, I’m happy to say.

Apart from a weird crease on my right side,
(which I will ask the Plastic surgeon about tomorrow, believe me) and a few lumps and bumps that hubs and I put down to traumatized tissue, my chest is beginning to slightly smooth out, and fill out, somewhat!
(I think I’m even beginning to feel the expander now)
It’s still as ugly as sin, but I’m getting used to it, and how different it looks day by day.

The nasty red bruising is turning green, and the pain has subsided to more of a dull ache.
(except for where the drains exit on the left side, the pain there is still a son of a biatch,)
I’ve pretty much cut my pain meds down to a half tab, when/ if needed, and only take the full tab at bedtime, mainly so I make it through the night without having to get up for more.

I’ve been sleeping propped upright on a mass of pillows, with just a couple of light blankets over me. I have to admit, it’s been unexpectedly, but welcomely, comfortable.

It hasn’t been a completely uneventful five days.
We did have a major panic session on Friday evening.
( Ok…I panicked…hubs was calm)

One of my drains had plugged up.
There was this icky tissuey stuff blocking the tube where it exited my body.
I totally freaked out.
It took an hour of squeezing, pulling, and squishing the tube to finally get it unblocked.
By then I was more than ready to head for the hospital
(I may, or may not, have over reacted a little)

With that crisis, as with everything, hubs has been a trooper.

He took the week off work to be there for the surgery and to help out at home till I’m on my feet again. Or at least up and around more.
Of course there are restrictions for a few weeks more, but nothing that needs for him to be here 24/7.
I do hate feeling so helpless when it comes to the everyday things I usually take for granted.
But hubs and our girls are being awesome, and very supportive.

My youngest came over yesterday, bearing gifts of cooked dinners, oh and chocolate.
(I couldn’t possibly forget to mention the latter)
She’s coming back tomorrow with supper for us, after my follow up appointments, and meeting with the tumor board.
(fingers crossed for good news there)
Another of our girls will be coming over Friday with a take out from Applebee’s.
(I’m feeling totally pampered, but so happy not to have to struggle in the kitchen with more than the Keurig machine.)

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