Painful day!

Today – day 6 post op – is my worst day so far.
Up to now, the pain I’ve had since the mastectomy has been a lot less than I expected it would be.
But, saying that, I have been taking the meds prescribed, Percocet, as apposed to my usual drug of choice, ibuprofen.
If I’d had to rely on the latter as my only form of pain control, I may be telling a different story.

But the Percocet has been doing a great job, (minus the sick feeling, light headedness and dozing off at the drop of a hat)  and I had even managed to get down to taking only half a tab, when needed, instead of the directed every four hours. On a few occasions, I’d even managed to keep the pain at ease on just a quarter tab.

However, yesterday I was up on my feet and walking around most of the day. Although I hadn’t felt that I was pushing it at the time, today, I’m beginning to think otherwise.
By 7pm last night, I was so tired I crashed on the couch.
Even though I only slept a little under an hour, it made it difficult to sleep peacefully through the night. I woke up around 1am in pain, but was too tired, and uncomfortable, to get up and take more pain meds.

By the time hubs got up for work,  5.30am, I felt so sore and stiff I still didn’t want to get out of bed, but forced myself.
I took a full tab, and after a little while the pain started to subside, but it left me feeling so sick I was soon back to resting and trying my hardest not to vomit 😦
It’s been the same all day, pain, pill, nausea, rest 😦

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