Wednesday = Assured to have the path results day!

As I mentioned previously, in Meeting with the Tumor Board! Pt.2, I have been assured of many things in the past, and have learned not to hold my breath.
And again, it has turned out that assurances cannot be relied on.

I called the hospital yesterday and was told I would ‘have to be patient’.

That is so easy to say for someone who, at the end of the day, goes home and leaves my problems at work.
I wish I was able to switch off my concerns between the hours of 4pm and 8am. That would be awesome! Then I just might be able to be patient.
But I can’t, and I’m not 😦

So this morning I called again and left voicemail.
Just kinda giving them the heads up that I’m still waiting and if they get the chance, take a peek and find out if the results are in.

3.45pm I get a call back….no results!
They promised to check again in the morning!

And still we wait……

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