Lets talk – Tissue Expanders!

Tissue exander

This is what my tissue expanders look like. They kind of remind me of something on Monsters Inc, but white, instead of green.
So, there are two of these babies in my chest, and boy do I know it.
To say they are uncomfortable is the understatement of the century.
Its hard to describe exactly how they feel. But I know that uncomfortable just doesn’t cut it.
It’s like having constant pressure against me. The first day, I thought I wouldn’t be able to take a deep breath, but of course I could. It’s just an odd feeling.
They do seem to be a little too big and they crease slightly at the edges.  Ive been told  that they will smooth out as they are filled.
I certainly hope so, because it is a little painful if I happen to catch them while dressing.

These are the Mentor, Contour Profile expanders. 650ml size.
Although I’m guessing we will be stopping the fills waaay before they get anywhere near the 650 mark. 😉

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