Panic in Walmart

Yesterday, the first time since my op, I decided to go along with hubs to do some grocery shopping.
Now I’m not the sort of person who likes to draw attention to myself, so dressing for my first time out was a bit of a challenge.
I wanted to make sure that my new ‘flat chested look’ was not quite so noticeable, and my drains completely out of sight.
So instead of the usual, sweater, skinny jeans and boots I would wear in this weather. I also threw on a pea coat and bulky scarf.
It worked perfectly.
The scarf took the attention away from the non existent boobs, and the jacket covered up any signs of tubes and drainage bulbs.
Although a little too warm for comfort, I was now confident to face the world.

Everything went smoothly, no stares, finger pointing, nothing!
Just a everyday normal shopping trip.
That was until we swung by Walmart to pick up a prescription.
We decided to check out the post season bargains.

Hubs and I were browsing one of the displays, when he noticed something jump off me.
I looked down and saw this huge bulge under my sweater.
One of my drain plugs had broken and popped off, and the bulb was inflated.
Total panic!!!
Here we were, scouring the floor like a couple of crazy people for a clear plastic plug.
Luckily hubs found it.

Now, for safety reasons, and to avoid infection, I couldn’t just put the plug back.
Who knows what disgusting germs are breeding on those floors.
So I decided to run back to the pharmacy and ask for something to disinfect it with.

Obviously, it wasn’t a request they’d heard before, judging by the looks I was given.
But eventually the pharmacist handed me some tissues and a bottle of alcohol, not the drinking kind, unfortunately, as that certainly would’ve took the edge off my embarrassment.
But, I got the plug cleaned and put back.

So, I am now planning on staying home, till these things are removed.
Hopefully on Tuesday.
Only a couple more days to wait.

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