The best camera bag….ever! Pt.1

A couple of years ago, my step daughter bought herself a new designer camera bag from Porteen Gear.
I absolutely drooled over it, not literally of course, that would’ve been just gross. But let’s just say I loved it!
But, as much as I did love it, it was just a little larger than I would’ve liked.
So I didn’t feel the need to rush out and get one for myself.

Fast forward to Birthday 2013!
I decided to add a new camera to my collection.
The Fujifilm XE1.
This little beauty was my birthday gift to myself.
I even had B&H Photo to add that note to the package. Really!!

I’m sure they thought I was crazy.
But as this little baby, plus extra lens had a price tag of $1700.00, I’m guessing they were more than happy to humor me.
Ignore the wonderfully blurred photo, that’s what you get when trying to snap a quick pic with a cell phone. Or at least that’s what I get 8 times out of 10.


Isn’t she beautiful?

So, now I had this new camera, but no bag to put it in.
That is unless I wanted to use my existing bag and swap out equipment constantly, which I didn’t.
Enter memories of step daughter’s more than awesome camera bag.
I decided to give Porteen Gear another look.

The first thing I noticed, and something that made me extremely happy, was that they now offered a ‘compact size’ bag.

Perfect for the new mirrorless cameras. Perfect for my XE1.
Hubs decided it would be his gift to me, so without wasting another minute, I got right to ordering one.

Right to meaning, it took me hours.
Not that it isn’t easy to purchase one of Porteens bags, it is. It’s just that they have soooo many great choices of fabrics, it’s almost impossible to make the decision on which ones you can’t live without. Of course I couldn’t live without any of them, so my decision was a hard one to make.

I did, however, finally make my choices, and after getting all the little details ironed out with Robyn, the owner and designer of Porteen Gear, my camera bag was ordered, and on its way to being made.

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