Must have of the Month – January

If I had to choose one clothing item I couldn’t live without, it would be my grey, angora blend sweater. It’s my favorite.
I can’t live without its softness or it’s style.
What I can live without, however, is that if I put it within a mile of anything black, it looks like I’ve been in a fight with a bazillion cats.
That thing sheds like crazy.

While Christmas shopping, my daughter and I were on the lookout for new sweaters,
and that meant…Mall shopping!
Now, I may be the only women in history who hates going to the mall clothes shopping.
Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, and I love clothes shopping.
But I hate doing it in a mall.
I’m officially an online shopping convert!

Let me explain further.
When I go shopping, I absolutely 100% know what I want before I set out.
It could be as simple as a pair of  fitted black pants and a cream sweater.
The basics for most wardrobes.
But, when I get there, I can browse every section of 20 different stores, but do you think I can find those two simple items? Nope…never!

Its a conspiracy, I swear. The fashion houses advertise they new ‘seasons fashions’, tell you what you should be wearing, then turn out something completely opposite.
And talking about ‘seasons’. Why is it, that in the middle of winter, the only clothing available is designed for spring or summer?
Try buying a warm winter coat in the middle of January from the mall, it’s almost impossible.

Anyhoo, we were having no luck finding a sweater for my daughter.
She, like me, is petite. Certain styles and patterns tend to make us look shorter, and wider.
So fitted sweaters, or ones without too much texture and pattern tend to suit us better.
Again, not a single sweater to be found that wouldn’t make us look like Oompa Loompa’s, minus the orange skin, that is.
So we’d pretty much given up on the sweater idea…

I walked into Walmart.
I never even thought of looking there.
Not that they don’t have some cute things, they do, I just never really plan on clothes shopping there, they are more of an after thought.

I have picked up a few things, but it’s usually as Im walking past and see something that catches my eye.
Like the sweater.
As we walked through the door I spotted a light pink, fluffy, angora style sweater.
I made a Bee line for it.
Ohhh that thing is soooo soft!
And right behind it on the rack, was a cute mint sweater, equally as perfect.
Yay for Walmart. I scored two sweaters for less than $30.
Gotta love a bargain!

So, daughter was happy with the sweaters, and I fell in love with the pink one.
Well, I fell in love with the style, not so much the color.
As nice as it was, pale pink just isn’t me.
Oh and the major plus’s….machine washable, even softer than my angora, and hardly sheds, if at all.

So, this week while stopping by at Walmart to pick up my prescription.
I thought I’d take a quick peek and see if they still had the sweaters, and what, if any, other colors they had.

I found light grey and black. 🙂
Definite must haves!
Now I can’t wait until I’m allowed to lift my arms, so I can get to wearing these.

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