Post Mastectomy – day 16

I can’t believe it’s been 16 days already.
I was expecting time to drag, but fortunately it hasn’t.

I’m now down to just one drain on my right side.
I had the third drain removed on Tuesday, and I really was glad to see it go.

It had been my most painful one so far.
I think mainly because I had knocked and pulled at it so many times (not intentionally) that it had become pretty irritated.
It was also the one that had the broken plug.

When the other two drains were pulled last week, it wasn’t painful at all.
But this one hurt bad.
I’ve been in more pain since then, than I have been the whole time since the surgery.
By the time we got home, I was running for the pain meds.
I was pretty sad about that as I had finally gotten to the stage where I either didn’t need pain killers at all, or just a quarter tab to take the edge off.

Also, I can really feel the expanders now.
I think I mentioned before that they seemed too big for my chest.
And they really do.
They feel as if they are right under my arms, digging into my sides and that’s where the pain seems to be the worst.
It’s really tender if I touch the skin or slightly bump it.

I read somewhere, a person described the expanders as, ‘like rocks in her chest’.
This is so true. They do feel like you have rocks pressing against you.

My chest just feels so ‘foreign’ to me these days.

One thing I have noticed in the past few days though, is I’m beginning to get a little more ‘feeling’ in my skin.
Right after the mastectomy, I only had feeling in the outer part of my ‘breasts’. Now the circle of feeling is moving inward. There is still no feeling near the incision, but I’m hopeful that in time, that will return too.

The bruising and swelling has also gone down quite a lot.
And although my chest has smoothed out somewhat, I can still see, and feel, lumps and bumps everywhere.
The nurse in the plastic surgery dept. says that’s just the expanders.
I hope she’s right, I’d hate to think this is any indication of what I will look like in the future.

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