Post mastectomy….one month on.

Wow! a month already? Where did time go?

As of last week, all restrictions were lifted, and I can now slowly go back to doing all the things I enjoy doing… vacuuming and laundry.
OK, I lie, I hate doing those things, but I am allowed to if I want.
And I did want…..because no matter how supportive my family has been since my surgery, housekeeping wasn’t one of the services they offered. Shame on them!
So today, cleaning house was my top priority.

Apparently, my vacuum had other ideas though. I plugged it in, switched it on and started on the rug in the family room and….it died on me.

So here I am, with a few hours to kill, before hubs gets home from work and breathes life back into it. You gotta love being married to a Mr Fix It 😉

So lets catch up on what’s been happening this month.

Well, first and foremost, I have been drain free for the past two weeks.
This was the last one, and boy was I glad to see it go. Those things are uncomfortable at best, but the constant accidental tugs at the tubes caused quite a bit of pain.
I had to snap a quick cellphone pic before they removed it, just to remind me how much I hated that thing.
Oh and I finally got permission to stop wearing those nasty hospital mastectomy bra things, that seem to consist of more velcro than fabric, and now wear sports bras.
Finding one that wasn’t padded and fastened at the front wasn’t an easy task.
But I finally came across this one at Walmart.
Sold as a two pack, around $10, they are a steal.

The output of the last drain was still higher than the doctor would have liked, so he decided to give me my first fill that day.
Technically it would be the second fill, as 100ml was put in at the time of surgery.
To further reduce the space under the muscle and therefore reduce the risk of a seroma, (a pocket of fluid build up) he also wrapped my chest in compression bandages.
Yay! …. NOT!
I hate compression wraps with a passion, they’re itchy, damn uncomfortable and are so tight on your chest they make it feel like you can’t breathe….but, I agreed to wear them.
Which translated as….I did nothing but bitch and complain and drive hubby nuts for three long, itchy, and did I mention damn uncomfortable days!

But, it worked as my PS had hoped, I had no problems with fluid build up and he was more than happy with my progress at my next appointment.
So I had my second fill.
The first one had been 100ml, more than they had first intended, but I had no problems with it, so they filled again with the same amount.

When they were doing the fill, I felt a little pressure towards the end, as I had the previous week, but no discomfort.
A few hours later was a different story…I was in agony!
It felt like my muscle had been ripped apart.
I had this burning pain in my left side that just got worse as the night went on.
I eventually got to a point where I couldn’t take the pain any longer and so I decided to take a Percocet, a whole tab. I still had a few left, as I hadn’t been needing any pain meds for a while now.
When it finally kicked in, it only took the pain away for a few minutes, if that. So now I was not only in pain but along with that I had the dizziness and nausea.
I couldn’t sleep a wink that night, and ended up coming downstairs so at least hubby could get some sleep.
The next day I was thoroughly exhausted.
It took a couple more days for the pain to finally ease to being bearable.
Although I still have to be careful not to reach out, or move too fast on that side.

It’s not all been bad though.
The bruising has all gone now, and finally the derma bond glue that they used to close up the incisions has come off.
The PA suggested renaming it permanent bond because that stuff just didn’t want to come off, no matter what!

My chest now looks much less scary than it did before, and nothing at all like day one, thankfully.

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