Decision time….which *foobs* to choose.

Apparently fake boobs, or *foobs* as we have come to affectionately call them, have been the topic of the month in our home.
Well between hubby and I anyway.
Which style, size and type to choose.
Hubby, being the typical red blooded male, has his firm opinion on size. Me on the other hand, being…well me…begs to differ.
After all, I’m the one who’ll be ‘wearing’ these things.
So sorry hubs, but those Pamela Anderson meets Dolly Parton style ones are not going to happen!

Over the past week or so, I have seen more photo’s of reconstructed breasts than I care to admit. And despite the differing sizes and styles shown, still I couldn’t decide.
So yesterday at my appointment with the Plastic surgeon, I asked to see the implant’s that corresponded with my fill size as it stands now, and the different styles.
His PA showed us both regular and high profile implants.

Fills and Foobs

We always get a giggle out of her when I reach for my iPhone to just snap that pic.

Oh and don’t you just love the size of those needles?
What!! they don’t look huge?
They’re actually longer than my hand.
It’s times like this, I’m so glad I don’t have a needle phobia, or I’d definitely be sporting the new fashionable flat chested look these days.
Not fashion? Well let me tell you, it would be if I was scared of those darn needles.

Anyhooo, after seeing, and handling, and modeling the implants (as seen in bottom two pics) my two choices as for profiles were Regular or High profile?
Hubby and I decided on the right one, high profile.
And we meaning me decided that this size was perfect, which means that only two more fills of 50cc each, over the next few weeks and I’m finished expanding.
Yay for that to be over!

The final decision was silicone or saline?
After talking through the options with both the PS and his PA, doing a little tons of research online I finally opted for silicone.
Yeah I’m still kind of scared because of all the bad publicity silicone implants have had in the past, but knowing that they aren’t permanent anyway, and at some point will have to be replaced, and that they themselves won’t kill me, I figure I would prefer the more natural feel and overall longevity of these v’s the saline.
So choices made (barring any change of mind, and I’m a woman, so my firm decisions mean nothing whatsoever) Surgery should be scheduled within the next 8 weeks.

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3 Responses to Decision time….which *foobs* to choose.

  1. Just got mine put in yesterday! Its such a hard decision to make. Unfortunately in my case I really did t have many choices since I’m a “curvy”( Lol) gal. It is however an exciting time, I mean how many times do u get to pick out a body part?? Lol good luck


  2. Tracey says:

    Oh I’m so jealous already! I bet (the pain aside) it’s great to not have rocks in your chest anymore.
    It is great to be able to choose how big/small your fobs will be, and not having to leave it to mother nature 😉
    I’m already re-thinking my choices tho, I’m scared the high profiles will look like headlights rather than boobs, but the regular ones I’m thinking will look like pancakes….Yikes!
    Which profile did you go for, and do they look ‘real’?
    Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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