You are not alone!

Cancer is scary. No ifs ands or buts about it!
When you hear that dreaded word in a diagnosis, your world as you know it, falls apart.

I kept it together, for the most part, for the sake of my husband, children and my own sanity, and luckily my ‘cancer journey’ has been a short one.

But at first….I felt alone. I mean, no one knew exactly how I felt.
No healthy person could possibly really understand the fears and feelings of someone with that diagnosis.
It doesn’t help that they knew someone, who knew someone, who’s friend’s friends neighbor had cancer.
Unless you have had it yourself, you really know nothing.
That goes for doctors too. They can smile, sympathize and be the most caring, informative people ever, but they don’t get it, not totally.

And it doesn’t matter what type of cancer you are diagnosed with.
Yes, everyone would prefer to have the DCIS diagnosis I did, as opposed to stage I,II,III or IV.
But for the person who has DCIS, it’s just as terrifying as being told you’re terminal, until that moment when it’s all over and we get the ALL CLEAR.

As I said before, at first, I felt so alone.
Don’t get me wrong, I have the most supportive husband, my daughters were/are there for me, my son too.
I had a few unexpected, but very welcomed friends send me messages of support throughout this time, and I was thankful for them all, and blessed to have these people in my life.
But still I felt alone, and very scared.

That was until I found an awesome site with breast cancer sufferers and survivors.

These women knew how I felt, what I was going through and what I was yet to face.
They’d been there, done that, and some are still going through it, or just starting their own journeys.
From that very first abnormal mammogram, there’s posts for every step of the way.
Ask a question, you’ll get an answer.
But more to the point, you’ll get support, from people who truly understand what its like to be in your shoes.
I’ve learned so much from them, just reading other peoples posts.
When I needed to ask a question, I got answers.
I even got information my breast surgeon had forgotten not bothered to tell me, but was majorly important to my future health.

So if you are feeling scared and alone, and feel like no one understands what breast cancer is all about…..check out the site,

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