Must have of the Month – February

I think there a distinct possibility that I may be becoming a little obsessed lately….
with boots!
(Nope, that wasn’t a typo….I really did say Boots and not…well the other ‘boo’ things that are the topic of most posts)

These days my heart tells me that I just have to own every pair I see…but fortunately my willpower, bank account tells me differently.

That aside, I have managed to squeeze an extra three pairs into my wardrobe this past season.
Well technically only two can be literally in the wardrobe, at this precise moment, as the other pair sits 15 miles away in a UPS facility waiting to be delivered. Hmmff!!
And apparently UPS don’t do people the favor of delivering them a day ahead of schedule…meanies!

Anslie Boots
I totally love them already, and haven’t even got my feet in them!
But I’m a total sucker for boots with stuff going on….ie, buckles.

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