Surgery date and spare tires!

So I have a date when the expanders come out, and the foobs go in….April 18th!
Oh boy am I looking forward to that date.

The longer it takes….the more fills I have…the more uncomfortable the ‘rocks’ in my chest become.

I even have a ‘spare tire’ under my ‘what would be boobs’, as the expanders seem to have moved higher in my chest and the skin beneath has gotten ‘flabby’.
I took a pic of it the other day when I noticed that at breakfast time.
My hubby and daughter where totally taken aback grossed out at why I would do such a thing, (just for clarity, I was wearing a tee) but what the heck, I told them I want to remember these things…..LOL
I think it’s so weird how this whole thing plays out, and don’t want to miss anything.
I hope that one day, people will visit my site and realize that after mastectomy, although things seem gross, disturbing and freaky at first, they do get better…..that’s assuming they DO get better! I’m not quite at the ‘better’ stage yet.
spare tire

So here is my freaky spare tire ‘boobs’…..and yup, it is kinda gross, but it will be gone by the time I get my new ‘foobs’ in place.
Fingers crossed!!!

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2 Responses to Surgery date and spare tires!

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Tracey,

    I “met” you on (About how lymphedema played a part in your BMX decision) Your story is extremely similar to mine, but I never had the lumpectomy, just went for the BMX. I just wanted to say I have read your entire blog, and I really love your upbeat attitude, and your post of people who you thought would be there for you are not, REALLY made me feel better, and not feel like a loney leper, hahaha. And those pics, that was brave, but thanks to you, I totally know what to expect! And I know everything is going to be ok! just wanted to let you know, I appreciate the time you took sharing. While you start to end your journey on April 18, I start my journey on April 9th. BMX, expanders, drains, fills, everything you did, you got through it, so can I! Thanks again for sharing!!!



    • Ohbgosh says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for dropping by. I will be thinking of you on the 9th.
      I never had the choice of lumpectomy, my BS figured there would be no clear margins, with the extent of the DCIS.
      I opted for the BMX (those letters used to be so cool when they only referred to a type of bike…darn it) because I really didn’t want to go through the worry of this all coming back again.
      I think I made the right decision as there was already pre cancerous changes in the other breast. Would it ever get to be cancer? We’ll never know, but at least I can rest easy it never will now.
      You know I debated so many times whether to even post those photo’s, and have occasionally thought of taking them off, but then I remember the horror, and devastation I felt when I saw my chest that following morning and how I’d felt so scared something had gone wrong. Now I know it hadn’t, and I figured if only one person had posted something like that, it would’ve saved me feeling so bad.
      Soooo, I left them on in the hopes it would maybe help ease someone else’s mind 🙂
      About people not being there, that was, and to be honest still is, a really hard thing for me. I guess some people just don’t know how to react, so they kind of ignore it and hope it goes away……wouldn’t that be nice!!
      Best of luck to you, its a rocky road, but there is light at the end of the tunnel…..P.S if you DO see a light at the end of a tunnel, turn around and RUN!!!! 😉


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