A little slice of Paradise Pt-1 – Planning our honeymoon.

Last week, with a ton of snow on the ground here in good old Pennsylvania, and temperatures that only a polar bear could truly appreciate, I got to dreaming about a little place in the Caribbean……..

Back in 2012, hubby and I decided that we would finally take our long awaited, and well overdue, honeymoon.
We didn’t have current passports, so figured it would have to be somewhere on the US mainland, or maybe Hawaii.
We were pleasantly surprised to discover that neither Puerto Rico nor the US Virgin Islands required a passport for US residents.
So began our search.

After a huge amount of web surfing, reading reviews and advice from travel agents, we decided on St Thomas, USVI.

Now to find the perfect place to stay.
After even more searching and review reading we narrowed our choice to two resorts.
Marriott’s Frenchman’s Reef & Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.

Both offered ‘All Inclusive‘ packages, which we were immediately drawn to.
Both were similar in price.
Both resorts had great reviews, good reviews, some not so good, and some darn right awful ones.
But I kept in mind, that some people will complain about anything and everything…just for the sake of complaining.

First, Marriott. Absolutely beautiful, no doubt about it.
Newly renovated, luxurious rooms, four pools, and gorgeous harbor views. Very fancy…..but maybe a little too much on the fancy side, and less on the ‘fun’ side.
After reading their ‘all inclusive’ details, there seemed to be quite a lot that wasn’t actually included.

Second, Bolongo, a family owned and operated resort, very laid back, simple rooms, gorgeous views of the bay, one pool at the main resort with swim up bar, private beach, less on fancy, but much more on fun and definitely sounds welcoming!
Their ‘all inclusive’ was very clear, only a few things excluded,  but there’s unlimited free use of all non motorized water sport equipment, and you can borrow snorkeling equipment from the dive shop, at no charge, and there’s even a free scuba diving lesson at the pool.
Plus, if you stay 7 or more nights, as an all inclusive guest, you get two complimentary sailing trips, a Sunset Harbor Cocktail cruise, and a half day swim with turtles snorkel trip.

It didn’t take long to decide which to choose…..Bolongo it was.

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