A little slice of Paradise Pt-2 – The Bolongo Bay experience!

I could write volumes on how much we loved our vacation at Bolongo Bay
But I will keep it as condensed as possible, it’s probably still going to be pretty long.  And I’ll let some photo’s do the talking for me.

From the moment we arrived in St Thomas, complimentary rum shot at the airport, our taxi ride to the resort, checking in at Bolongo, our stay there, and finally having to leave the Island, everything was wonderful.
If I really had to complain about anything, it would be that 9 days just isn’t long enough.

As I said in the last post, it was our long overdue honeymoon.
We’d even joked with the girl in reception, over complimentary rum punches of course, that two of our daughters had gotten married that very year, and if we didn’t hurry up and go on our own honeymoon, all our children would have us beat on that score.
Five minutes after being shown to our room, there was a knock at the door, and we were presented with this….

A Gift from the owners and staffA toast to our honeymoon! How sweet was that!?
I’m sure I said thank you more than a few times, but not until after I picked my jaw up off the floor. What a surprise!!

And talking of our room….
Room Pix BolongoI was pleasantly surprised how really nice it was, especially after reading some awful reviews online.
No, it’s not the Hilton, but lets face it, you’re not paying Hilton prices.
This is beach front property, and is tastefully furnished and decorated to suit.
I found our room comfortable, very clean, thanks to the awesome housekeeping staff, and it had everything we needed for a relaxing vacation…even the bed was comfy.
We couldn’t have been happier, oh and having an ocean view…..ahhh-mazing!

Our original plan was to arrive early on the Wednesday so we could get two ‘Carnival nights’ during our trip, but unfortunately due to a flight delay on day one, and sun poisoning the following week that didn’t happen 😦
Yes, apparently my poor milk bottle white skin was not used to being in the sun all day, every day, even with sun lotion, and finally made me pay for all that abuse exposure.
But, there’s always next time! Right?

However, all was not lost,  Iggies  has something going on every night. It became our nightly go to spot at Bolongo.
The food, the drinks, the locals, the atmosphere, the entertainment and the service was great.

Night at Iggies
And by day….
Iggies by dayIt only took one barman to serve a drink, despite the fact you may be seeing 10 of him…..ya gotta love that VooDoo Juice 😉

The other place to eat on site at Bolongo is The Lobster Grille.
The all inclusive rate allows for the buffet style breakfast (which I really enjoyed) or you can choose breakfast off the menu. For most of our stay we chose to eat lunch there too. The food is really good, and again, the service is great.
I have to admit, although everyone was sweet and welcoming, we did have a favorite server, Cheryl. She was beyond awesome.
Lobster GrilleSomething we were in total awe about, was the ‘locals’ at Bolongo….the Iguanas that is.
They are so amusing, in the fact that they just wander around like they own the joint.
Although they’re not tame by any means, they aren’t aggressive either…However, I wouldn’t suggest trying to pet one, that might not be a good idea.
They are pretty bold too,  a few times we’d see one work its way over to the swim up bar…..I guess even Iguana’s like a rum punch every now and then 😉

Local wildlifeEarlier, I mentioned the view.
I may have taken one or two thousand panoramic pics in and around the resort, so let me share a few of those with you….





DSCN8120Unfortunately we missed out on the snorkel ‘treasure hunt’ for rum, we mistakenly thought we borrowed the equipment from the beach hut.
However, to avoid disappointment, Yoshi and Dave, working at the beach, offered to stage  a private ‘treasure hunt’ for us the following day.
As it was to be our first time snorkeling.ever. Dave kindly offered to give us a complimentary snorkeling lesson instead and promised to take us out to see turtles at the edge of the bay.
I’ll admit, I kinda chickened at going quite so far out on my first snorkel adventure, but we did see some really cool fish near the reef 🙂
And thanks to Dave, we were now super psyched about going on the half day snorkel trip to Buck Island.
(Did I mention this came as one of two complimentary catamaran trips with the 7 day all inclusive stay?)

Snorkeling at Turtle Cove, Buck IslandThis had to be THE highlight of the whole vacation.
Now trying to keep from constantly going belly up, was a feat in itself, and pretty hilarious if I say so myself, and I wished I’d learned to use the flippers a little better, then I may just have managed to get over to the reef faster and in time to snap a photo of the shark that other people had spotted.
It was just a young reef shark, we’re not talking Jaws or anything….I already googled that fact BEFORE booking the vacation 😉
I was so disappointed that I missed him, the other thing that was also a disappointment was, I really was hoping to get to swim with a six foot Barracuda, seriously! Well kinda serious, maybe 3 foot would be more to my liking, but mainly so I could freak our kids out with the pics.
But, on the bright side, we had a blast, and there were plenty other sea creatures to see, lots of different kinds of fish, some sting rays, green turtles etc, and thanks to Lindsey, a crew mate on Heavenly Days, who so kindly offered to take our camera and dive down to the turtles, we have some great photos to remember the day by. She even brought a Conch up for us to take a look at.

At the end of the trip, hubby and I couldn’t resist purchasing matching Heavenly Days ‘I swam with Turtles’ Tee’s.
A little souvenir from our trip.
And of course there were drinks to be had after snorkeling, and snacks too.

Sunset Harbor Cocktail cruise

The second complimentary sailing trip, was the Sunset Harbor Cocktail Cruise.
Actually this was our first time out on Heavenly Days…I got way ahead of myself with the snorkeling 😉
We sailed to the Charlotte Amalie Harbor, where the crew members gave us a historical commentary, not to mention cocktails….Bubbles and Punch!
In the pic you can see Kyle, making sure there wasn’t an empty cup on board.
Capt’n Pete, Kyle and Lindsey are an awesome crew to sail with.
Honeymoon Pix 23Most of the vacation we just relaxed, hung out at the pool, walked down the beach or had fun on the bay.
Our plans to visit Charlotte Amalie were halted by the arrival of five cruise ships.  Also the trip to Coki beach had to be cancelled because of my sun poisoning.
But, those aside, we still had a fantastic honeymoon and we don’t regret a thing.
Well technically we did have one regret. Apparently once a week the owners get together with guests, over food and cocktails and you all get to know each other.
I’d mislaid the events schedule and wasn’t aware of this. From our balcony we could see something happening over at the pool area and figured it was a wedding reception, so to avoid ‘crashing’ the party, hubby and I took a stroll down the beach and swung by Iggies 😦 

We planned to visit Bolongo again this winter but that didn’t happen, for the obvious reasons, but once all this is behind us, we will return to Paradise 🙂

A little note about the all inclusive, there are very few exclusions, and these are made clear. We didn’t come across any problems.
At the bars or restaurant, when we asked them to ‘surprise us’ with some Island concoction, we were never offered anything that wasn’t included and no nasty surprises at check out either.
All tips are included, but because everyone is amazing and the service is great, you may feel like giving a little extra 🙂

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4 Responses to A little slice of Paradise Pt-2 – The Bolongo Bay experience!

  1. Carol says:

    I really enjoyed reliving our last summer vacation which included our three teenage (underage) granddaughters by reading your blog. They had such freedom and we knew they were safe.
    I want to go back this summer. It’s a beautiful place. I agreed with everything you said. We loved the kitty, too.


  2. Tracey says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post. We can’t wait to go back either, it was a fantastic vacation. And yes, definitely a place where you wouldn’t be scared to let your kids hang out 🙂


  3. Stacey Bouchard says:

    I love Bolongo Bay Beach. I was there last year to get married and I will never forget the best day ever!!! I can’t wait to go back soon!


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