OK! I Quit!!

And it’s about time too.
Wish me luck!! I’m going to need it!!!
I'm quitting

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2 Responses to OK! I Quit!!

  1. Sarah says:

    You can do this! Luck is not going to help you here 🙂 just hard work. Only us smokers can relate. One thing to keep in mind, which I have read in books during my many attempts to quit, is that it’s not just the nicotine that is addictive, it’s the behavior. We have ingrained in our minds these habits/routines, it is the habit of holding and inhaling the cigarette, and blowing out smoke, and doing these things consistently, that have become behaviors for us. Getting in the car, you start the car and put on your seat belt, start driving and light a smoke, for example. The actual holding of the cigarette and bringing to your mouth, inhaling, blowing out smoke, etc, is a habit/routine our minds have come to depend on for many years, just like brushing our teeth, making the bed, taking a shower, etc. We have these routines (along with many others) everyday, and you are trying to remove a routine from your life, a routine/habit your brain has become accustomed to. I guess when you discontinue these actions, the brain is confused, and pretty much gets pissed off!

    Ugh! I know it is hard and I want to join in your endeavor. I’m hoping everything works out well for you! YOU CAN DO THIS!


    • Tracey says:

      Thank you for the support!!!
      My quit day is tomorrow, I’m trying to get all psyched about it.
      My worst habit is when I’m on the phone, and right after I eat. Those times are gonna be the killers for me, but I’m determined. 🙂
      I’ll keep you posted.


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