Exchange surgery – Pt 1 Pre-op

Good Friday was the day of my exchange surgery.
Out with the expanders, and in with the foobs.
I honestly could. not. wait. to get those ‘rocks’ out of my chest.
Over the past few weeks they’d become more and more uncomfortable.
Not painful, but tight…very tight!

We arrived at the hospital right on time. Within minutes they were taking my info and getting us checked in, a few minutes later, we were on our way to pre-op.
This time a new wrist band was added to the collection.
Here I am, all blinged out!


No delays this time, everyone was on schedule, so after the usual hook up to machines that monitor the vitals, IV in and meeting with the Doc’s, anesthetists, etc, we were ready to roll.
I don’t even remember leaving the Pre op area. Whatever they put in that IV had me out like a light in seconds.

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