Exchange surgery – Pt 2 – post op

Apparently, I’m THE fastest person ever to recover from anesthesia.

According to one of the P.A’s, I was awake and chatting within 5 minutes.
Ha! Go me!!  It seems even anesthesia can’t shut me up!
But I’ll have to take her word for it, because although my mouth might have been working overtime, my brain hadn’t quite caught up….I have no recollection of even seeing her before, let alone having any kind of conversation.

All I remember of the recovery room, and even that is vague, is that hubby was there.
It seems things have changed a LOT in the past few months. After the mastectomy, he was not allowed to see me until I got to the ward.

The first real memory I have of that afternoon,  is being in my room…but how I got there, or how I got into the bed after we got there, remains a mystery.
Of course I now wonder if, because of those wonderful hospital gowns, I wasn’t flashing my bear butt to everyone as I acrobatically made it from one bed to another.

I do, however, remember asking for ice chips
(no idea why ice chips came to mind, I’d usually ask for coffee, or soda, but apparently I wanted ice chips)
My throat was sooooo dry I swear it had fused together.
That’s about all I remember, until I awoke much later.

This time I didn’t refuse the Percocet, I took whatever they handed me.
No more playing the hero, I wanted to be pain free!

By the time I was fully awake, I was starving!! I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days.
Just my luck though, Room service had closed like five minutes beforehand.
The nurse taking care of me said she could get me a little something to eat, but there wasn’t much to choose from. I didn’t care, like I said, I was hungry, anything would be good.
She brought me a turkey sandwich.
It looked good, and the turkey itself was delicious, but the rest was so dry, no butter, or mayo, just dry bread, so between the sandwich and my already parched throat, it felt like I was trying to eat razor blades.
I quickly gave up on that.

I think hubby stayed with me till a little past 11pm, but I was in and out of consciousness most of the evening so I don’t actually remember him leaving.
I figured having a private room would at least allow me to get some good sleep.
I heard a guy across the hallway complaining, loudly, all night, about everything!! I swear he even made stuff up to complain about.

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