Blech! I feel icky!

So Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday morning were not good. at. all!
I was majorly sick.
I literally couldn’t move without rushing to the bathroom to vomit.
Sorry! I know that’s a little TMI, but seriously, that’s how it was 😦

On Sunday, I quit taking the Percocet.
I had gotten to the point where I decided any amount of pain was better than how I was feeling right then.

But luckily, the pain just went….poof…gone! Just like that!
There was a little discomfort, (still is) but no actual pain.
(maybe I should shut up about that, or with my luck I’ll jinx myself)

So, when I woke on Monday morning, I figured, as I’d stopped the Percocet, I’d be fine…wrong!
I was as sick as I’d been the evening before.
I just laid on the couch and threw myself the pity party of the century.

By late morning, I contacted hubby at work and informed him I was calling the hospital.
I’d checked my temperature. No fever. I’d checked my incisions. No sign of infection.
But something just wasn’t right.
The only time in the past I’d ever been this sick, was when I’d had food poisoning.

It was then he asked, ‘you are taking your antibiotics with food, right?’
Ermmm nope!
Apparently, the pharmacist told hubby to make sure I ate something when I took the Cephalexin, because it could really upset my stomach.
And now he tells me!!!
Ok, in his defense, he could’ve told me a million times on the day and I wouldn’t have remembered.

So, I held off calling Dr K, and decided to wait and see.
It worked.
Cutting out the Percocet, and eating a little something when taking the antibiotic did the trick. Oh, and I had to cut out coffee too.
(I found that was really upsetting my stomach)

So by Monday afternoon, when my daughter and grandsons came to visit, I felt great!
So much so, that I went outside with them to enjoy a bit lot of the sunshine, and to play a little, and take some photos, maybe laying in the grass on my sides, and stomach and, well you get the idea, I totally overdid it.
And boy, I paid for it later!
One day I will learn that ‘take it easy’, really does mean take it easy.

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