Must have of the month – April

The KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment!!


This has been a ‘want to have’ for quite some time.
But on principle, I have refused to buy it.
Why principle? Well let me explain.

Last year I got one of those ‘Get $50 when you spend $50’ offers from The Bon Ton.
Now me, being the sucker for a bargain that I am, and as it stated it was also valid on sale items, I decided it was too good to pass up on.
Of course, like most ‘offers’ there were some exclusions.
But this didn’t deter me, I grabbed hubby and his wallet, and off we went a shopping!!

I don’t think we were in the store more than a minute when I spotted a KitchenAid stand mixer on sale, ticketed as ‘last one’.
So I told hubs to stay put, hand on the box and guard it with his life.
(Yup, I really did tell him that)
I went to the check out and presented my coupon and asked if it was good for the mixer?
‘No sorry’, was the reply, ‘thats a small electric, and small electrics are excluded’.
I was informed if I spent another $50 on majorly overpriced kitchen accessories, they would count.

So, I decided to get the grinder to go with it. Which I had already intended to buy the next time this offer was running, but as it was $50, I would get it free this time and save a trip.

We take both to the check out.
I’m beaming like a Cheshire cat, until the cashier says:
‘Sorry, you can’t use the coupon, small electrics are excluded.’
So I point out that the grinder is NOT electric.
‘No’, she says, ‘but you need the mixer to use it, and the mixer is a small electric.’

No, she wasn’t kidding me….just incase you were wondering.
So I ask her exactly what was excluded.
It would’ve been a lot less time consuming for her to tell me the three items in the store it could be used on.
Ok slight exaggeration there….but only slight.
Seriously, these things have a LOT of exclusions.

We must’ve spent a couple of hours just trying to find something.
I know, I know, it would’ve been easier to just pay for the mixer and leave, but I wanted that bargain.
In the end we found some nice silverware that was on clearance.
Bingo!! It went through.

So, back to the grinder.
We have had a bazillion of these offers since then, and each time I get them, my skill at hitting the trash can with them, gets better.
I scan the back for the ‘small electrics’ exclusion and off flying through the air they go.

Until….this month I got a $25 off any $25 or more purchase.
I almost didn’t even bother to look at the back.
But I did, and nowhere did I see those two dreaded words, ‘small electrics’.
I got hubs to check.
I double checked. triple checked.
And when I got the the store I asked the salesperson to check.
Nope, they weren’t there, my grinder was ‘included’.
So off I proudly ran walked to claim my prize.
Finally a score…half price!!!

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