Exchange surgery – 1 week later

Its been a pretty good week.
After the ickiness stopped, that is.
No pain since stopping the Percocet and I’ve not had to take any substitute pain meds.

The ‘farting foobs’ also stopped after a couple of day….thank god!
As funny as it was at first, it soon became annoying.
I do feel the occasional ‘fluttering’ in the left side, but no noises.

Having to wear a mastectomy bra 24/7 is driving me insane. I hated those things the first time round, and if it’s at all possible, they seem to be even itchier now.
Then there’s all the padding you have to put in them. I look like a wannabe Michelin Man, or at best it looks like I’ve stuffed one of those ring floaties inside my shirt.

Today we have to go grocery shopping. I say have to, because the last time we went was the weekend before my survey, and I’m running out of the staples.
I’m actually thankful it’s a cold dreary day, I can at least throw a jacket on and hide my padded sides.

After a few days, post op, the bruising started to come out below the incisions.
It’s gotten a little darker for a day or two, then faded again.

The incisions seem to be healing well, but boy, oh boy, do they itch!!!!
After the mastectomy, there was so much nerve damage that I couldn’t feel anything around the incisions. But this time, with the PS cutting right down to my sides, where there is feeling, I feel everything.
As it’s not allowed to put anything on them, at least for now, I can’t even use an anti itch cream.
I now know what suffering really means.
(I know, still the drama queen)

The best, most wonderful part of this whole thing….I cannot feel the implants at all.
It’s like having regular ‘boobs’. You have no idea that they are in there…so different from those darn tissue expanders.

One major difference between this surgery and the mastectomy is, I feel totally normal, I can still raise my arms (as much as pre exchange surgery) without feeling a pull at the sides.
(Such a blessing when washing my hair in the shower.)
Minus the yucky bra and the itching, (and lack of TE’s) during the day, it’s like the surgery didn’t happen.
Getting comfortable in bed, is a little challenging sometimes. I prefer to sleep on my sides, so I have to remember not to slide around, or that can be quite uncomfortable.
But other than that….almost zero discomfort.

But there’s a downside to all that. I have to keep reminding myself NOT to try and lift anything heavier than 5lbs.

That 15lb bag of potatoes I lifted yesterday, that was on the kitchen counter before I realized what I’d done, didn’t count…right?

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