Post Op check up.

Yesterday was my post op check up.
I really wasn’t looking forward to it, I’d had a pretty bad weekend,
(maybe I’ll write more on that later)
so it was all I could do to get around and be ready for the appointment.
Once I was ready, I cheered up somewhat.

The department has a new receptionist, which meant, for the first time in months, I had to go through all the questions….address, contacts, insurance etc.
But other than that, everything was as usual, including being told off for still smoking.
Ooohhh, did I not mention, I’m back to smoking again? No??
Well, yeah! I kinda got a little stressed before the exchange surgery, and smoked a little. Then this weekend, I pretty much got back to regular smoking. I see it as a roadblock, when I’m past it, I’ll be trying again.

But, there was good news, and not so good at the check up.

Firstly the good…I can switch to a sports bra…yay! Cos you know how much I love these mastectomy bras. Not!!
I still have to wear a little padding…as in burn pads up front and a little padding on the left side.
But thankfully I now don’t look like I’m sporting a mega inflated spare tire.
More like a spare tire with a slow flat.

Also, the girls are staying where they’re supposed to be, which means the stitches in the left muscle are staying put too.

Now the not so good.
There’s an area of possible concern on the right foob. There’s a little redness above the incision.
I hadn’t noticed it myself (probably because I’m super sensitive and the burn pads can make me itchy and blotchy at times) but I’m now supposed to keep a close eye on it, and I’m back on antibiotics, just to err on the side of caution.
Of course this has me freaked out a little. Everything so far has gone mega smoothly, I was hoping to sail through the rest, just as smoothly.
But then again, it could be absolutely nothing. Fingers and toes crossed.

The other, not so good…
I was hoping this week to start cycling and getting on the treadmill.
In the past few months since the mastectomy, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight a few pounds, and was hoping to work it off.
Apparently, one of the restrictions is, keeping your heart rate down. So, not exercise other than walking.  Darn it!

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2 Responses to Post Op check up.

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Tracey,

    My Oncologist brought up something that you haven’t spoken about, and I thought I’d share. While all the cancer has been removed, they want me to take the BRAC test (two of them) to see if I have the genetic mutation. If I do, they will remove my ovaries, which is a simple laparoscopic day surgery. They said b/c i was diagnosed with BC under 45, it qualifies to be covered by insurance. Just wanted to bring it up, Knowledge is Power!

    Other than that I have one more fill, and implant surgery beginning of July.

    You sound frustrated. You are almost there!!! You have been through a lot, and the restrictions are getting to me also, but you are SO close to the end! Take care of yourself!



  2. Tracey says:

    Hey Sarah,
    No, I don’t think I have mentioned the BRCA testing, and it’s something that has come up in my journey a few times and has me frustrated.
    So I should write a blog post.

    I hope your fills are going well, and not causing too much discomfort.
    I found the weeks after the fills ended to be the worst, but mainly because it was just waiting and having those ‘rock hard pecs’. But July will come soon and although we don’t have feeling in the skin anymore (or at this moment) the comfort levels is so much better after the implants go in.
    (of course its only been just over a week for me, so things could change)

    I have a ton of emotions right now…frustration is up there on the list, again, something I will blog about. 😦

    You take care of you, and try not to let those restriction get to you too much. (easier said than done)



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