The dreaded mutation – BRCA

A fellow blogger reminded me today that I hadn’t posted anything about the dreaded mutant BRCA genes.

Click here to read more about BRCA mutation.

That’s mainly because, as of right now, the test for it hasn’t actually been a part of my breast cancer journey.
Yes! its been discussed, quite a bit in fact, but nothing has become of it.

I first mentioned it to my surgical oncologist back in January, and it was dismissed as ‘you don’t have breasts anymore, so no need to have the test, get your daughters to have it’.

I beg to differ.

Although my medical chart states that in 2012 I had a total hysterectomy, and I know he’s read that, I’m now wondering if he realizes that did not include removing my ovaries.
I still have those. And, because my breast cancer was stated in the pathology report as ‘highly hormone receptive’,
it is worrisome that a mutation of the BRCA genes would put me at an increased risk for ovarian cancer.
Not to mention I have daughters and granddaughters who would also be at risk if I have (and they have inherited) the mutated genes.

So I decided to further discuss it with one of my daughter’s OBGYN.
I asked him if he would agree for her to take the test.
When he became aware that it was me who’d had the breast cancer, he suggested I should be the one to have the test.
When I told him what the oncologist had said about it, he was gobsmacked, to say the least. His opinion is, it’s better to initially test one person (me) who’d actually had the breast cancer,  than to test four (my daughters) who at present, hadn’t.

So now I am waiting for my follow up appointment with the oncologist in July, and then I’ll be pushing for the testing.
I’m adamant I’m having the test, hopefully I can make him agree.

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2 Responses to The dreaded mutation – BRCA

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Tracey,

    I went to Oncologist yesterday and asked some questions. One being that maternal grandmother had ovarian cancer (BRCA was n/a back then), and why didn’t my mother get asked to take the test, the Oncologist said since I was the one with the actual cancer, I was the best candidate to take the test, which agrees with what your daughters OBGYN said. I would go with your gut, if your Oncologist still refuses, get another one. After the results, your daughters care (and my mother and her sister) will be adjusted accordingly.

    Can I ask what state you live in? Are you going to a “Cancer center”?

    Hope all is going well!


    Ps…ordered the Root sample today!


    • Tracey says:

      Thanks for sharing that. I’ll definitely insist he lets me get tested, or I’ll just ask the OBGYN to put me through for it.
      I’m glad your oncologist is being reasonable about it. It’s so frustrating when we’re already going through something thats worrying, to have to continue to worry about something else.
      I’m in PA, and although our hospital is one of the best in the State, it’s not a dedicated ‘cancer center’. I think the only one is in Philly.
      I’m doing great, as long as I remember NOT to pick up my 3y/o grandson. 😉
      Hope everything is going good for you too 🙂
      So glad you decided to try Root. If you like mineral foundation, you’re going to LOVE this one 🙂


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