Birthday’s, birthday’s and more photos! < not a typo!

It seriously seems like we are celebrating a birthday around here every few days.
Early birthday’s, late birthdays and actual, on the date, birthdays.

I think I’ve even began singing ‘Happy Birthday‘ in my sleep.

Along with these celebrations come, gift’s, cake and photos!!
And I love taking photos……you may have already guessed that, if you follow the blog.
You can keep the cake and gifts…..just look up and say ‘cheese’.

Now I’m not a photographer by any means.
The fact that most people wouldn’t recognize me if I didn’t have a camera constantly stuck up to my face, is besides the point.
I’ve just always had a love for photographs. I don’t even have to have taken them, or even know the people in them, I love photos. Period.
I know too little about lighting, shutter speeds, iso’s etc, to be a great photographer. But that doesn’t stop me having one camera or another with me everywhere I go.

Anyhoo, back to the birthdays.
It’s become a bit of a tradition the past few years to take a mini photo shoot of one of our daughters on her birthday.
She still lives at home so, my house, my rules 😉
She complains a lot humors me about this new tradition.
We got some really cute pics, so I decided to post my favorite shot from the day.
Not posed, not perfect!
but I love it because at this point she just totally cracked up, and it made for some ‘real’ photo memories.

Birthday - 2014

She wasn’t as enthusiastic at humoring me for a photo of her blowing out candles…I swear  kids get to a certain age where they think they’re ‘too old’ for that.

Luckily…..there’s a certain little guy who is not too old, but just old enough to understand he has to wait until his grandma gets the photo 😉

May I present,
My perfect, posing, 3 year old grandson:
~ Show them how it’s done Bug 😉

Birthday Boy

That’s ma Boy!!

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2 Responses to Birthday’s, birthday’s and more photos! < not a typo!

  1. sacha says:

    Thats a great shot of the sis. And your grandson is so used to getting his photo taken hes almost a pro! Gotta love him 😉


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