Mother’s Day…..

Mother’s Day, was a stay home with hubby and daughter, just relaxing and doing whatever pleased me, kind of day.
I’d done the official celebrating with three of my girls and my two littlest grandsons on Saturday.
So you could say I had two Mother’s days this year.

And yes, I got spoiled.
I got an iTunes gift card from my youngest daughter and her hubby, along with lots of other goodies.
I have to say, not a lot surprises me these day, as far as modern technology goes, but I just cracked up when I went to add the iTunes card to my account.

I was prepared to enter the horrendously long number printed on the card, but all I had to do was hold it up to the iMac camera and voila, instantly credited to my account….seriously I was like a little kid. I found it that awesome. 😉

And hubby got me a ton of the Rachael Ray dishes I’d recently fallen in love with.
Orange, red and purple ones….I love the bright colors!
PLUS, he got me Adobe’s Lightroom 5.
I am one very happy Mom/wife!!

So how did I actually spend the actual ‘mother’s day’, day?
Well, most of the morning was spent, photographing and editing photos of…dead flowers!
To quote one of my daughter’s “Mum, you’re weird!”
(actually they have all said that at one time or another, but she said it yesterday, as she watched me moving around, taking multi angled shot’s of dead roses.)
Just for clarity….I actually like dead roses.

I guess there is a touch of weirdness in all forms of art.
Didn’t they call Van Gogh insane?
Ok, so maybe chopping off your own ear does go a little beyond the average sense of weird!

But seriously, I like to photograph roses through each stage of their life, from bud, through full bloom, to dead. I think each stage holds its own unique beauty.
I featured the same roses on the blog, in bud stage, here, and full bloom, here.

So…now for the final stage,

dead flowers close up dead flowers

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4 Responses to Mother’s Day…..

  1. hadorable says:

    happy mother’s day! beautiful photos


  2. Sarah says:

    Those are great photos, Tracey. Art has many forms, you have a knack!


  3. Tracey says:

    Thank you Sarah. I love to dabble in lots of different artistic mediums, but photography has always been my favorite hobby 🙂


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