Flowers for Nanay!

I had my orders….When my daughter and grandsons pulled up to the house, I was to go out and open the drivers side passenger door.
That was it…no hints, just do it.

So that’s what I did.
The tinted glass window gave nothing away.
I opened the door, and my 3 year old grandson, Bug, thrust his hand out to me, holding a huge bouquet of flowers.
“Flowers for you, Nanay!” he said, with the hugest smile on his little face.
My heart just melted.
How precious is that?

(Apparently, my daughter was walking into Walmart to grab a few groceries, when Bug spotted the flowers, and insisted he buy some for his Nanay (that’d be me) so she let him.)

When he saw how surprised and happy I was with his gift, he giggled.
I just love that little boy.
Flowers for Nanay

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2 Responses to Flowers for Nanay!

  1. sacha85 says:

    He does love his naney!


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