In my spare time…..

You’ve probably guessed, if I haven’t told you already, that I love taking photographs.
Photography has been a passion of mine for a long, long time.
But what do I enjoy doing when I’m not peering through a viewfinder?

That’s simple….I like to get creative.

I’ve tried my hand at a bazillion different things over the years.
I’ve never mastered any, but I’ve had a ton of fun ‘dabbling’.
You know the saying, ‘Jack of all trades’? well that’s me.

I refuse to say ‘I can’t do that’ unless I’ve tried it first.
Just so’s you know….I can’t play the violin…but it does make a nice photography prop 😉

I’ve even tried my hand at sculpting…
Dragon BustMy attempt at a dragon…..not very scary is he?
I made him as a gift for one of my son in laws.
Fortunately, when completed, he did look a little more ‘angrier’.

In 2005, while visiting hubby’s family in Texas, I was introduced to Pyrography.
I was hooked.

I did a couple of little projects as gifts, a keepsake box for one of my daughters.Celestial Box
A gift for my then newborn grandson, with his portrait on it.
It actually wasn’t too bad of a likeness, although I’ll win no awards for skill or technique.Portrait

I really do enjoy wood burning, so much so that last year, when I decided I wanted to learn to play the guitar, I didn’t just want any guitar, I wanted to build and customise one myself.
(Myself meaning, I do all the sanding, burning, painting and finishing, then hubby gets to put it together)

I designed her (yup she’s a she) to represent my past…warts and all…in fact, mostly warts.
Burned Front

I called her ‘Broken’

Burned BackI really loved how she turned out. And she plays really good.
Well, she sounds really good, but being as I’m the one who plays…good, might not be the best term to use.

completed front


Distressed effect


This reminds me….I have a Ukulele to finish!

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