Peace Garden and Goodbyes

This year we decided to plant a small veggie garden.
Just a few tomato plants, Lettuce, Bell peppers and Zucchini.
Oh and some parsley…I LOVE fresh parsley!

Originally we were just going to till up some ground and plant.
Then a few weeks ago, my mum passed away.
We’d been estranged for quite some time, and the one thing we had never managed to achieve between us, was peace.

So, in her memory, we decided to make it in the shape of the Peace symbol.
Hubby started it a few days ago, and yesterday, as it was her funeral, (in the UK) he took the day off work to be with me, and to complete it.

Peace Garden ©
A really strange thing happened, just as we’d finished some planting, and was taking a stroll down the hayfield.
One of my biggest regrets, was not having the chance to say ‘goodbye’ to her.
I heard a bird singing in the woods, so I copied it….it flew out and perched on the tree above us.
A Cardinal, my mum’s absolute favorite bird.
He stayed just long enough for me to fumble with my phone a snap a pic, then he tweeted and  he was gone.

I know, totally a coincidence, but just for a second, it’s like we got to say our goodbyes after all.

Unfortunately, he turned out as just a little black dot on the photo.
Darn cellphones 😦

Red cardinal

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