To Quote – Ansel Adams

My three year old Grandson, Bug, is already showing an interest in photography.
He’ll happily grab his mom’s cellphone, find the camera button and start snapping away.
‘Say cheese, everybody’

In this particular shot, he’d just been watching me taking photos of the flowers he’d bought me, and he’d obviously been paying attention to every little detail,
because, when I’d finished, he wanted to ‘photograph’ them too.

He grabbed an old, non functioning cellphone of mine, and went through all the motions of taking a series of photographs.
It was fun to watch him.
He’d move in real close for a ‘macro’, then step back again, angle the camera slightly this way, then that, setting up that ‘perfect’ full bouquet shot,
and as you can see in the pic, getting that perfect photo is serious business.

What can I say, he’s such a ham.

Bug Photographer

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4 Responses to To Quote – Ansel Adams

  1. sacha85 says:

    Just like his mommy and Naney


  2. David says:

    I think it might actually be more fun for some of us to take pictures like that. That way, there’s no need to worry about the result since it’s all process!


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