Must have of the Month – May

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5!

Lightroom5Hands down, this is THE best photo editing software I have ever owned.
And to think, I nearly didn’t get it.

I’ve been a Photoshop Elements user for a few years now, and I’ve loved using that program.
I tried Lightroom, briefly, a couple of years back and because I was so comfortable with PSE, and because Lightroom seemed (back then) to require so much more ‘skill’ to use it, I totally didn’t like it, and dumped it after the first couple of uses.

Recently, hubby’s daughter in law, asked my opinion on Lightroom. I told her of my past experience, and my reply was a flat out, ‘I hate it’.
She was surprised. She said a lot of people were swearing by it.
So, I decided to give it another look.

I first googled: PSE v’s Lightroom
And Lightroom was made to sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread.
So I went to and downloaded the trial.

At first glance it looked so much harder than PSE to navigate, but after a few minutes (and a quickie online tutorial), I was ready to try my hand at editing a photo.
I got a little frustrated after a while and gave up.
The next day I tried again, gave up and edited the photo in PSE.
On the third attempt, I looked at a few other online video tutorials, and edited the photo ‘perfectly’
(I really love how you can make your own presets, no longer do I have to try and remember how I achieved this look or that tone, you just save it, and it’s there the next time.)
A few photographs later, I was majorly impressed with this program.
….I was falling in love…..

So much so, hubby decided to buy it for me as an impromptu Mother’s Day gift.

And I haven’t looked back.
Poor PSE has only been used a handful of times since, and mainly just for text and frames.
I guess the more I learn in Lightroom, (and I’ve only just scratched at the surface) the less and less PSE will be used.

If you, like me, love to take photographs, and are looking for a really good and not too confusing (like Photoshop CS) editing program, then really take a look at Lightroom.
You can download the full program and get 30 days to try it out, before deciding if it’s right for you.

>>click here<<<
to go to Adobe Lightroom download page!
Note!! Clicking on the link will not begin the download.

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