Six weeks post op…

Last Wednesday was my 6 week post op check up.
(and I forgot to post about it…my bad!)

My incisions have healed wonderfully and all restrictions have been lifted.
The foobs (implants) are where they are supposed to be,
which means I did as I was told.
(we won’t mention the supposed to be quitting smoking bit)
I can also ditch the sports bras, which up to now I’ve had to wear 24/7.
I can now wear any bra I choose, or not wear one at all.

Further reconstruction (nipple) and tattooing (areola) was discussed, but as of now I’m done with being sliced and diced and pain, so I passed.

I’m also getting a break from the regular checkups at the hospital.

I don’t have to go back to see the plastic surgeon until the end of August.
Although, I do have an appointment with the surgical oncologist in July.

For the past week, I’ve started doing the scar massage and implant massage.
Making sure the implants move around at least twice a day to stop a hard shell forming around them.
I told hubby I need a trampoline, then I can get fit AND get those girls bouncing around.

But it’s not all been plain sailing.
For the past 5+ months I’ve been favoring my left arm, due to post op restrictions, pain in my side and then the stitches in the left pec muscle.
So needless to say, I am now paying for it.
I can barely lift that arm, even with the ‘fingers walking up the wall’ exercises.
at best, with elbow bent, I can raise the arm level with my shoulder. Arm straight, about half that.
I wake up most nights with some pain, and can’t move in bed without it hurting bad.
I’m really looking forward to pool season, hopefully swimming will help strengthen it.

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One Response to Six weeks post op…

  1. Sacha says:

    So glad your restrictions have been lifted n now i dont have to worry so much when you lay down with or try to pick up the kids!

    And get that pool out so you (I) can go swimming 😉

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