The Irises are blooming…..

For the past week, I’ve been impatiently waiting for the Irises to bloom so I could get out in to the garden and snap some photos.
So, yesterday morning, as I was watering my little vegetable garden, I glanced over and finally, there they were, in all their glory….Ok, slight exaggeration, a few of them had gotten around to blooming, 99% were still just buds.

I ran walked slowly back to the house to grab my camera.
That’s when total panic set in.
I realized I’d left my camera bag in hubby’s car.
We’d intended to go out to the lake the previous evening but didn’t get around to it, and I’d forgotten to bring my camera gear back in the house.
Now the fact that I had two DSLR’s, my Nikon compact and hubbys all weather camera, all perfectly capable of taking great photos, and all still at the house was totally besides the point, I wanted, no, I needed, my XE1.
I could’ve bawled
(another exaggeration)

Then it dawned on me, hubby didn’t take that car to work…YAY!!!
So, with camera in hand, I set out for a morning of photos….

As the gardeners among you (btw I’m not a gardener, plants have a tendency to die on my watch) are probably aware, depending on the time of day, Irises tend to change color from deep blue to purple.
The photo’s below have been taken at various intervals during the morning.
And Lightroom was used to ‘tweak them’ to my liking 😉



Ok, so this little fella isn’t an Iris, but as he took the time to happily sit and pose for me, I thought I would add his photo to the post.
Male Zabulon Skipper
2©The True Blue color in the early morning.
5©I thought I’d throw in a couple of Black and White edits too.
Hubby is not a fan, but I love them.
7©I gave this one a slight infrared tweak.

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6 Responses to The Irises are blooming…..

  1. Kathy Samuel says:

    They’re beautiful – I especially like the colors of the first photo!


  2. hadorable says:

    amazing pictures of nature!


  3. Sacha says:

    ♡the deep blue one! But I’m with him when he says he’s not crazy about the black and white one. I love black and white photos but dont think it flatters the iris’


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