The road to going EVIL

Not EVIL bad, EVIL good!
Very good in fact…
Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens
Yes, I’m talking EVIL cameras, well technically only one camera,
Fujifilm’s XE1, or as it’s affectionately known in Japan
‘The Sexy One!’
My newest ‘baby’.

But before we get to the EVILness,

Lets begin where it all started.
Many many many years ago I bought a Zenith SLR film camera,
(no photo)
even if, back then, I couldn’t take a decent photo to save my life.
In fact, I was one of those people who, as long as the subject was in the frame, blurry or not, the fact that the garbage collector, the child picking his nose, dog peeing up the lamppost and a house on fire could all be seen in the background, I’d still think it was a great photo.
(If time travel is ever invented, please remind me to go back and give myself a huge slap upside the head!)

But luckily that changed as the years went on.

In 2001, after quite a few years and a whole lot of ‘what makes a photograph a lot better, but still not great’, hubby bought me my first digital camera…

((Please ignore the wonderful image quality of the photo’s featured in this post.
They are taken with my other, shamefully admitting, often used camera…the iPhone 😉 ))

Sony Mavica Minidisc

Sony Mavica Minidisc

 I totally loved this camera.
A whole 2.1 mega pixels…..I know, crazy right!  To me, it was the bees knees.
I walked around feeling like I was the next David Bailey, shooting pics of everyone and anyone and everything.
I don’t think anyone in history could’ve taken quite as many photographs with one camera as I took with that.
I even shot two weddings with this camera, and the happy couples were, well…. happy.

Talk of weddings brings me to my next camera. Hubby’s daughters wedding was coming up in 2005 and by then the Sony was really starting to show signs of aging….photos were becoming grainy and not as sharp as they had been, it was time to get a new one.

I liked the idea of a compact, stick in your pocket, slim and easy to conceal, point and shoot, kind of thing. Hubby on the other hand was convinced a DSLR was the way to go.
If I’m honest I was more than a little intimidated by the whole idea of settings and lenses.
(I’d never quite got the hang of them with the Zenith)
But in the end, he won in the battle of the cameras, and boy I’m so happy now that he did.

Enter on the scene the Olympus Evolt E300, a whole 8 mega pixels.

Olympus Evolt E300 DSLR

Olympus Evolt E300 DSLR

This camera was awesome.
Straight from the camera pics were crystal clear, the colors amazingly true to life.
Here’s one of the photos from the previously mentioned wedding.
(Apparently I was a fan of over vignetting back then…Yuk)

Fast forward 6 more years, and the Olympus, like the Sony, was starting to show signs of wear.
Again photo’s were no longer as sharp as they had been.
I started looking at new cameras, but couldn’t find an affordable (to me) Olympus replacement, so I narrowed it down to a choice between the Canon T3i and the Nikon D5100.
Both seemed perfect for me.
After going back and forth for some time, I finally bit the bullet and opted for the Nikon.
16.2 megapixel, twice that of the Olympus, and definitely enough for what I need.

Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100

I added a few lenses and was set to go.
It’s a great camera.

When a vacation back to England was planned, I was kind of chicken about taking a DSLR  with me.
So we decided to purchase a more compact camera for the trip.
Another Nikon, The Coolpix L110, 12 mp. It’s actually a cool camera.

Nikon Coolpix L110 Compact Camera

Nikon Coolpix L110 Compact Camera

You can probably tell from the scratches on the side, this has been used quite a lot.
One thing I really loved about it, the zoom. This little baby allowed me to get shots I couldn’t get with my DSLR’s without spending mega bucks on a mega zoom lens.
Like this one for example,

Moon.  Shot with the Nikon Coolpix L110

Shot with the Nikon Coolpix L110

Maybe not the best moon shot ever, but I was pretty impressed that this little camera could even take it this good.

So, why, if I’m so happy with my Nikons did I decide to go EVIL?
Well, that’s my son in laws fault.
Actually, it’s maybe not entirely his fault, as I was the one who originally brought up the subject after reading an article about them back when I got the D5100.

But then he had to go out and purchase one didn’t he?
He not only purchased it, he brought it to our house and showed me it, he showed me the photos he’d taken with it, he let me play around with it, he made me fall in love with it and he made me NEED it.
What I loved the most about it, besides it’s retro looks, sturdy construction and quality glass lenses is, it’s fully manual.
It forces you to learn to take a photograph.
No more taking the easy route and switching to auto or one of the many ‘scene’ modes, like with the DSLR’s.
Hubby drew the line on buying me this one…I just couldn’t convince him that I needed yet another camera, so last year I decided to treat myself to it, as a birthday gift.
I even had B&H Photo add a message to the package saying ‘Happy Birthday to Me’
I bet whoever packed it, thought I was more than a little crazy. 😉

So, here he/she is in all their blurry iPhone photo glory….

Fujifilm XE1

Fujifilm XE1

Hubby did however, decide there was one camera I did need to add to the collection…..

GoPro Hero 3

GoPro Hero 3

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4 Responses to The road to going EVIL

  1. David says:

    So your hubby thinks you’ll be photographing leaps from planes, over bike-obstructing logs, and/or adventurous uses of strollers?


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