Just an average Sunday!

Sunday is usually the only day hubby has off work.
It’s the day he gets the chance to do the important things that need doing around here.
Like setting up the pool!
(Yeah that’s #1 priority)
I, on the other hand, get to do what I like doing best…..Nothing!! Just kidding!
But I do get to have a lazy day and take things easy, like not having to be up at 5.30am to pack his lunch and see him iff to work.
So today, after lunch, and after we’d set our temporary pool in place, I decided to give my D5100 a workout.
(I haven’t had her out of her bag for a while)

I decided to just randomly take photos of nothing in particular, just whatever caught my eye between the house and the barn.
So here’s to randomness…. oh, and weeds!

Chains on the brush hog….
©15Wood, weeds and daisies…


Wild rose blossoms (at least I think thats what it is…multiflora?)….


Totally self explanatory I think…..


This is one of those little solar path lights, hubby mounted it on a post that houses the outdoor electric sockets we use for the pool pumps. It doesn’t give off much light, just a little glow on the pool surface…


A rusty piece of machinery and more weeds at the back of the barn….


Taken just a little to the right of the previous photo. Shows the path to the backwoods….


We rent some of our land to our neighbor to graze his cows. Apparently this girl was curious as to what I was up to….


Our old (no longer used) tractor, parked in the barn….


Must add this to hubby’s ‘to do’ list, the eagle seems to have slipped….


More weeds flowers…


After those, I think its quite reasonable to say….there’s some major weeding needed done, but then…what would I take photo’s of.

And according to Rebecca Lynn Howard….
‘if it flowers, it ain’t a weed’

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