Meet the Photo Bomber!

So I’ve been complaining that butterflies are so elusive while trying to photograph them.
I’m not one for chasing them around the garden, and I don’t have a great zoom lens that allows me to stand back and wait.
In fact, I’m using a 60mm portrait/macro.
My legs are the zoom with this lens.
So yesterday, while I was out in the garden, I decide to take photo’s of the latest flowers to bloom….Clover!
I get one clear shot and then Little Mr Skipper decides to photobomb the picture….constantly!
I have one photo of the clover flower and 6 photos of him all over the place.

Here’s two when he was sticking his tongue out at me!
Ok so technically he was drinking nectar (I guess that’s what they do) but his tongue was out none the less!

_DSF8046 © _DSF8047©

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