Must have of the Month – June

Intex 18′ x 48″ Easy Set Pool

Although we purchased this pool for last summer, it really is my must have for June.
( July, August and September too)

Since my very first summer here in the States, I have bugged hubby something bad for a pool.
Every year his answer was the same, ‘Do you know how much work goes into keeping a pool?’ followed by, ‘I don’t need yet another thing on my to-do list’.
Of course I didn’t know. The only pools I’d ever owned were the kiddie pools my kids had while growing up….probably not the same thing.
So 12 scorching summers later I decided even a kiddie pool was looking good.
So we talked….a lot!
We finally decided on the easy set pool, from Intex.
The reasons:
1, Walmart dot com had it on sale.
2, If it ended up being more work than I cared to do, we could just pack it away and call it a lesson learned.
3, As the name suggests…it’s easy set up!

Now, EasySet is right…as long as you have a level lot.
Luckily hubby knew that…me, I’d’ve laid that thing out and filled it with water, AND I’d’ve had one heck of a flood when it tipped over.
Our yard was not level.
But this wasn’t hubby’s first rodeo….so he got right on it.

Removing turf…..



Completing the leveling with a thick layer of sand….


Finally ready….the pool is laid out, the top ring inflated and the filling begins….

IMG_2083We were a little worried about running the hose fully open and ending up with well problems. So we slowly filled her over four days.
This was day two, and believe me, I took a water level measure every hour…yup I was that excited.
IMG_2125Finally full and ready to use….
IMG_2161We decided to purchase the Krystal Clear Salt Water System,
also on sale at Walmart.
This eliminated the need to use chlorine pool products, which is not only CHEAPER, but is also safer on skin, clothes AND the environment.
The total price of pool and system, with free shipping was just a little over $400
Total price of salt and cyanuric acid for the whole season $20.
The PH stayed balanced and the water stayed crystal clear.
All we did was a quick skim when first going in, because apparently bugs like pools too,  and enjoyed a summer of swimming!

Our grandchildren absolutely loved it!!

We set our pool up again this year.
Turned the hose on a little faster and had it filled in two days.
The first couple of days we thought we had a big problem….the top ring wouldn’t stay inflated.
I Googled and found a LOT of people complained of the same thing….Luckily though, someone posted about cleaning around the air inlet….I tried that and it now works great, no air leaks since….thank you stranger!!!

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