Simply Stated – Black and White

I’ve always loved Black and White photographs.
They have a certain dramatic quality about them that doesn’t seem, in my opinion, to come across as well in color photographs.
Unless we’re talking HDR, which we’re not.

Yet as much as I love black and whites, I very rarely take them.
So over the past couple of days, I decided to go back through some older photo’s, some that I didn’t much care for in color and give them a little monochromatic tweak.
Ok, so they won’t win any awards, but I like them much better now.
(I apologize in advance for the endless scrolling.
Who knows, one day I might actually opt for a gallery plug in)

creepy duck St Andrew's Church Mary Infrared church crossing sign side view - cannon sphere mini ferris wheel 2 mini ferris wheelgeese at the riversidesunlightThe photographerlost in thoughtcontemplationunder roseclouds

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4 Responses to Simply Stated – Black and White

  1. Kathy Samuel says:

    I love black and white too. I find that it often brings out details that you can’t see in colour


  2. sacha85 says:

    1,4,8,10,14 ♡♡♡♡♡♡


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