A Thumb of a Different Color…

The cursed black thumb syndrome, that I’ve suffered from my whole life, seems to be actually fading to a shade of something that may just resemble… green!!!!

This year I decided I wanted to grow our own veggies…and from seeds too.
Now that was a major undertaking being as I can’t grow diddly squat!
But I was determined to give it a shot.
And guess what?….Not only did I manage to grow shoots…then seedlings….then actual plants….it looks like I might actually get vegetables!
So of course there has to be photos…..

Look at this beauty!!…An actual, real life zucchini is growing!
Heck yeah I’m excited!
cNot only that, I now have another ‘flower’ to photograph…bonus!!!
Here’s the inside of the female zucchini blossom…
band the male blossom….
eEven the leaves are worth a photo mention or two…
gfThe Cherry tomato plant we actually bought as a little seedling.
(I grew plants that would produce larger tomatoes late in the season)
But…I managed to keep it alive, and it’s now ginormous and already has a lot of little tomatoes growing, and a bazillion flowers.
adThe end!
Haha, just kidding!! You didn’t think you’d get away without seeing at least one bug pic, did you?

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