Blue Monday – In Black and White

Hubby surprised me yesterday with a hanging basket of Begonias.
There’s a distinct possibility that…
a; he was tired of seeing the same old flower photos.
b; he realized just how much I love to photograph flowers and decided I needed some new ones.
But it really doesn’t matter which he was thinking….I LOVED them.

So of course, I grabbed my camera and was right out to snap a few pics.
Ok, so these ones may have been white, with yellow centers, but after they found their way onto the computer, Lightroom did it’s magic on them……

Here I used the regular blue filter preset….

And then the high contrast blue filter preset….I love how it turned the centers black…

b4b3b2And finally the whole hanging basket. We decided to hang it on the light pole near the pool.


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2 Responses to Blue Monday – In Black and White

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Tracy,

    What’s your facebook handle again? I tried searching FB, and your blog, and couldn’t find it anywhere…

    Thanks 🙂


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