Happy Fourth of July! Fireworks – and how NOT to take them!

Yesterday we went to visit with our youngest daughter and her husband, to celebrate the 4th of July…aka Independence Day!
(and me being English too….shame on me!)
We had a great time, good food, drinks, good company, and to top it all off, her townships fire service was holding their annual ‘4th of July fireworks display’ at the local park.
We left here prepared, camera, lenses, extra battery and memory card AND tripod.

With just minutes before the show was about to start, we all headed down to the riverside.
After finding a good place to set up, I realized something really bad….We’d left the tripod in the truck…
I could’ve literally kicked myself!

I knew right then, in total darkness, there was no chance of getting a great, or even half decent photo without the tripod, and there was no time to go back and get it.
Seriously, it was at this time I wished I’d brought along a point and shoot.
So I will apologize in advance for the ‘less than acceptable’ 4th of July firework photo’s.
And class this post as a ‘how not to take’ firework photos.
But, on the other hand, if you like grainy (at best) and blurry (at worst) photos of smoke, dots, and streaks of light….then these will be right up your alley! 😉


I just snapped this as we were walking to find a spot to sit. I had no illusions of it being in focus, (apart from the guy in the middle) but there’s so much going on here that I had to include it.

Due to storms we've been having this past week or two, there wasn't a ban on the Chinese lanterns.

Due to storms we’ve been having this past week or two, there wasn’t a ban on the Chinese lanterns.


Our son in law and grandson about to let their lantern go.

Our other son in law and grandson about to let their lantern go.

And off it goes!

And off it goes!

up, up and away

up, up and away

And the fireworks!
After I realized I’d forgotten the tripod, I figured I’d just leave the 60mm lens on and hope for the best!

7-4-14-11 7-4-14-12 7-4-14-31 7-4-14-17

7-4-14-13 7-4-14-20


And lots of colored smoke…& dots!
7-4-14-30 7-4-14-29 7-4-14-28 7-4-14-27 7-4-14-26 7-4-14-18

And when you are changing settings, in the pitch blackness, you sometimes choose the wrong one and end up with a Jackson Pollock effect of a long exposure.


Or just a mess….7-4-14-22

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