Up close with a Stag Beetle…

Last night hubby texts me, from the garage.
‘Come quick’
‘Hurry with camera’

So curiosity gets the better of me.

And does that guy know me well or what!!

On the hood of his beloved Mustang was a huge Stag beetle.

My fear of all bugs over a certain length..ie; 0.0001mm,
suddenly went out the window at the sight of this guy, all raised up and fierce looking.
It’s amazing how brave a person can be, behind the viewfinder.
That’s not to say, should the beetle have decided to make a move towards me, I wouldn’t have screamed like a little girl and ran for the door.
But he didn’t. Thankfully!!
And thankfully hubby didn’t make too much of a fuss about me leaning and sprawling all over his car in an attempt to get a shot of him.

I have to admit, seeing this guy close up and large on the computer screen made me shudder a little.

stag_beetle2 stag_beetle4 stag_beetle3 stag_beetle1

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6 Responses to Up close with a Stag Beetle…

  1. Love the reflections – obviously the mustang is kept pretty shiny..!


  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks 🙂 I try not to use the flash when I can help it, but when I noticed how it reflected the beetle, I kept it on. And yes, that car is hubby’s ‘baby’. I’m surprised he let me or the bug near it. 😉


  3. very up close and personal!! wonderful macro and texture!!


    • Tracey says:

      Thank you Cybele.
      If I’d have known beforehand what this guy looked like up close, this post would’ve been titled ‘From a great distance with a stag beetle’


  4. sacha85 says:

    Ewww horrible looking bug! Great pictures though


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