Monochromatic Memories – The Stockyards, Fort Worth, Texas

Still in Texas for this latest, Monochromatic Memories post.
This time, we’re in the Fort Worth Stockyards.
For anyone who is thinking of visiting the Dallas Fort Worth area for the first time, and want to soak up some local culture, the Stockyards are a must.
Cowboy Central.
It has everything…..
The Longhorn Cattle drive, (which we unfortunately missed that day) Museum, Rodeo, Shopping, Great food & Great Entertainment.
Talking of entertainment, don’t forget to visit Billy Bob’s, the worlds largest Honky Tonk, covering THREE ACRES!
Holey Moley! that place is HUGE!

So here are my Stockyard Memories…

I’m sure everyone, and their dog, has taken this photo of the Stockyard sign. But I couldn’t resist…..when in Rome, so to speak 😉
FW5 ©


Tarantula Railroad.
The station is full of little shops. I’m not sure if the train still runs through. We didn’t see it while we were there.FW1©FW4©

TX-1 ©

The Texas Trail Of Fame.
Bronze markers line the streets, honoring those who made a significant contribution to the Western way of life.

There were some really colorful, and friendly characters at the Stockyards.
This guy was selling roses.
Hubby didn’t buy me one…shame on him…but it didn’t stop me snapping a quick photo.
FW6 ©

So, I didn’t get roses, but hubs got me the next best thing….Longhorns!
Well I did say…when in Rome…right?
TX-2 ©

Rick, the doorman at the Stockyards Hotel,
the same hotel where Bonnie and Clyde stayed in 1933,
became my smoking buddy and was more than happy to pose for a pic.

The Live Stock Exchange.
Once known as the ‘Wall Street of the West’
is now a museum, cattle auction and Rodeo building.

FW8 ©

FW7 ©

I didn’t get any good photos of the rodeo, but no trip to Fort Worth would be complete without them…soooo….here’s a couple of not so good, but you get the idea ones….

TX-4 © TX-3 ©

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