From my daughter’s garden…..

Since Spring, I’ve photographed more flowers and bugs than I ever have.
Mainly due to the fact that, since I got my new camera, and added the 60mm Portrait/Macro lens, I’ve started to look at things differently.

Before, I was quite content with having a bed of flowers as a backdrop, or trying to catch a quick shot of an unusual looking bug (think mantis or walking stick) now however, I want to get closer, I want to catch those details that you don’t see at first glance.

I’m loving this close up world.

Here are a few shots I got yesterday in my daughters garden.

pic-1 ©pic-3 ©pic-2 ©pic-4 ©

pic-5 ©pic-6 ©pic-7 ©

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2 Responses to From my daughter’s garden…..

  1. Kathy Samuel says:

    They’re beautiful and I particularly love the square composition of the first and last ones.


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